At IOXperts, we understand that hardware upgrades, repairs, and so on can cause our software to ask for a new serial number (we tie licenses to hardware IDs in order to cut down on piracy). Our general policy to to issue new serial numbers to existing customers who need them, free of charge.

In order to request a new serial number, please fill in the information below, including a brief description of the reason for the request, and click the "Submit request" button. We will look up your information and send you your new serial number via electronic mail. If you ordered through eSellerate, you can retrieve your current serial number by going to and entering the e-mail address you used to make the purchase. A history of all of your eSellerate purchases, including serial numbers, will be mailed to you.

If you need to retrieve your serial numbers from but have changed your email address since the time you purchased our driver, please submit this form instead.

IMPORTANT: You must provide some evidence that you have purchased a license for the driver you are requesting a serial number for. Pasting a copy of your eSellerate or Paypal receipt, transaction ID, or eSellerate receipt ID into the description along with your request is best. Your current serial number is also be useful. If you don't provide this or we can't otherwise verify that you are an existing customer, you will not receive a serial number.

NOTE: Serial number requests are processed by a human, not a computer, so please allow a day or so for a response. Also, repeated requests for new serial numbers every few days may be viewed with some skepticism. Please be reasonable.

Serial Number Request Form

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