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Support Request

Important: Please take a moment to read the rest of this page and consult the available information on our website before filing a support request -- doing so will get you an answer sooner and let us spend more time developing great software. If you submit a request which is answered in the FAQs or on this page, you may not receive a response.

The link to the support request form is at the bottom of this page.

Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) compatibility

The current release of our 802.11b wireless driver (v1.0.3) is NOT compatible with Tiger. We have posted version (v1.0.4) which is compatible with Tiger.

You can download it here:IOXperts Wireless Drivers.

Please note that 1.0.4 is NOT compatible with OS versions prior to 10.4 (use 1.0.3 instead)

Version 1.1 of our Webcam Driver for Mac OS X is compatible with Tiger. It replaces the Mac OS X versions of our USB and FireWire webcam drivers.

You can download it here:IOXperts Webcam Drivers

Version 1.0.3 of our USB Still Camera Driver is already compatible with Tiger.

You can download it here:IOXperts Still Drivers

Webcam Issues

We have released version 1.1 of our Webcam Driver for Mac OS X -- this will replace the Mac OS X versions of our USB and Firewire webcam drivers.

If you are having issues with either of these products, please upgrade to version 1.1, available from the product page. (Even if you aren't having problems, we'd appreciate it you would upgrade and report any problems)

Specifically, if you have a Logitech QuickCam Zoom that doesn't appear to be supported, downloading the beta will solve your problem. (Logitech changed the prodict ID of the camera to one the old driver doesn't recognize)

Also, beta versions 1.1b48-1.1b50 have a bug that causes the driver to revert to demo mode (serial numbers aren't read correctly), upgrading to 1.1 will fix this.

Version 1.1 also addresses a preferences management problem in prior versions. If you are having problems with multiple Fireware cameras appearing, please update to this version.

It may also be helpful to delete the file: /Library/Preferences/com.ioxperts.devicemonitor.plist and reboot.

FAQs, Wiki

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here:

If your question isn't answered by the FAQ's, please see the Wiki.

We are working on populating the Wiki with additional support information -- please bear with us as we do this.
If your question isn't answered by the FAQ's, or Wiki, or you think it could be explained better,
please file a support request and select "Website" from the project menu.

Lost serial numbers

All your IOXperts serial numbers are kept in the directory:  /Library/Application Support/IOXperts/Device Keys

The files are plain text -- you may open them with any text editor to recover your serial numbers.

If you are planning to re-install your system software of and don't want to have to re-enter your serial numbers, you can save/restore this directory and re-install your drivers.

If you purchased one of our products through eSellerate, you can have your serial number e-mailed to you immediately from the eSellerate web site at: eSellerate Support

If your email (or postal) address has changed since you purchased one of our drivers via eSellerate, file an
eSellerate Request with us and we'll update it for you.

Serial number doesn't work

All IOXperts are tied to your hardware -- either the device, if it has a machine-readable serial number (wireless cards, FireWire devices, some USB caneras), or your computer (MAC adddress of the built-in Ethernet port).

The reason for this is so we don't have to deal with serial numbers posted to the internet -- if you want to use your driver on a second computer or your hardware breaks, we'll be glad to give you a new one. (Within reason)

If you need a new serial number, please fill in the form at:

Support Request Form

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